Tasks & Requests

About Our Task & Request Service

Our Tasks & Requests services provide you with piece of mind that your tasks and requests are being completed and you don't have to stress about them, and you don't have to worry about finding time to complete them on your own. Our virtual assistants will take care of everything for you and knock down that tedious to-do list for you.

We can handle tasks and requests such as:

- Placing online or phone orders for items such as flowers, gift baskets or the your new grill you've been wanting.
- Paying your utility bills (such as, electric, cable, internet and more)
- Scheduling a car rental, flight or hotel room.
- Scheduling car service for you.
- Managing travel itineraries
- Ordering a pizza and having it delivered directly to you with the tip included.
- Calling your co-worker to schedule a meeting with them and add it to your calendar.
- Find out who has the new iPad Air in stock near your home or office.
- Scheduling a doctor's appointment or salon appointment for you.
- Time consuming research
- Administrative tasks
- Restaurant reservations
- Find personal services
- Manage your schedule
- Provide activity recommendations

We can of course do much more for you, but this is just a sample of the sort of things that we can do, FOR YOU!

Give us a try! Your first task is FREE and on us!

We look forward to tackling your tedious to-do list! It's not tedious to us, it's what we do!

Why My Virtual Office Assistant?

* We have impressive, professional virtual assistants.
* We're mobile with you. Our virtual assistants can work from anywhere with flexibility. We are mobile when you're mobile!
* Relax, we got this! You calls are always answered by a cheerful, compassionate live person.
* Save big! Top notch service, various service discounts. Priced at a fraction of the the cost of an onsite reception and other providers.
* Grow your business! Focus on growing your company and let us keep loyal customers by providing exceptional customer service!
* We make great first impressions!
* You can break free from your desk and do the things you love! Let us handle those tasks for you!
* You will enjoy piece of mind, knowing that we got your back!
* You will improve your bottom line, acquire loyal happy customers, and improve overall customer satisfaction.
* We will free you from many tasks, so you can focus on what matters most; building your business!

What are you waiting for? You don't want to trust just anyone with your calls. You want ONLY The Best! Don't leave your callers on hold, send them to a menu or voice mail greeting, let us answer your calls live and tackle your to-do lists and give your business a personal, friendly, professional touch 24/7! We Don't Just Meet Your Expectations; We Exceed Them!